Just checking documents for AML/ID? Think again

Get ready for the 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive – We Are
May 30, 2017

An objection I often hear to using online AML/ID checks is, ‘but we have a look at identity documents.’ Well, I can’t object if that is part of your procedure, but I can if that is all you do –  you are leaving yourself and your business wide open to failure to comply with the regulations.

You need to also check the PEP and Sanctions lists.

You may think that buying a false passport or driving licence is another world, an alien place, that being targeted for fraud is something that would happen to some other business because you insist on seeing documents – think again.

A simple search on the internet will show you hundreds of examples of firms being caught out because their identity checking procedures just simply weren’t up to it.

And, lets face it, getting hold of original documents from clients are just a pain.

We make the whole process as simple as possible… ensure who you’re dealing with is really who they say they are. Check out our full range of People Checks today for piece of mind.

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