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Proof & Source of Funds Checks

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A Quick & Secure Alternative to Chasing Bank Statements

Recent guidance from the LSAG states that understanding client source of funds is vital for Anti Money Laundering.

Our proof and source of funds checks can help give you peace of mind by quickly collating the vital bank information you need to verify the presence and provenance of funds.

Our open-banking powered bank checks let you get the evidence and analysis you need to comply, all from one simple request. They let you select the appropriate fact-find questionnaire for the client journey, which enables simple document upload and avoids the need for downloading apps or software. Transparency, security and consent are integral at every step.

They give you fund insights across multiple accounts, covering regular incomings and outgoings, cash transaction detection, and large payment identification.

We can Help you...

Available Reports

Source of Funds Analysis

Are your client’s funds from a legitimate source?

Proof of Funds Check

Does the client have the necessary funds?

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How does it work?

  1. Send a report request to your client via the Veriphy Secure portal.
  2. Using open banking technology, your client will grant consent to creating a report using data from their bank accounts.
  3. Your client will share the report with you, containing only the data you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How much is Veriphy?

We offer flexible rates based on your businesses needs and budget.

Small number of AML checks to run? Please see our standard pricing list here.

Irrespective of search volumes you will benefit from:

  • Full access to platform functionality and range.
  • 30-day payment terms.
  • No restrictive usage terms.
  • Free support via email or telephone.
2What is open banking technology and is it secure?

Open banking is all about consent, whereby an individual has the right over the sharing of their bank account data with other organisation's


All authorised providers of this technology are regulated by the FCA. Our Data Partner Armalytix is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 for the provision of Account Information Services.

FCA Registration Number 911236

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