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API Web Service

Flexible. Powerful. Compliant.

Integrations for 3rd Party System Providers

Our API Web Services allow you simple integrated access to an array of different data services offered by multiple third party suppliers.

Developers just need to be familiar with Web Services and concepts such as SOAP, XML and hierarchical data structures.

Using documentation (supplied upon request) website developers can explore the API, examine the request/responses from the different operations and actually interact directly with the API, firing off requests.

To start you off, we give you a very simple generated client for the API in C# that fires off an IDAML check and produces a PDF report.

You can also generate sample client code to use as a starting point for your integration by importing a test URL to Swagger.

You will then be able to generate a client using C#, VB, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python and many other languages.

Please contact us for details.