Century Plus

Batch AML Check Service

Century Plus enables rapid AML screening and regular checking of client databases
in accordance with UK AML regulations.

New batch service designed to assist businesses and organisations that need to run muliple AML checks quickly and easily

Century Plus enables the rapid and regular checking of client databases in order to satisfy your AML obligations efficiently.

If you have a large number of clients on your books already and need to re-run checks on them you can do so using this service at a reduced rate (each check costs £3.00 + VAT instead of £4.00)

Available on request, the batch service costs less per check and will save time and resources - cutting your input time drastically.

Key Benefits

  • Standards Compliant - FCA, HMRC and Law Society etc.
  • No setup or licence fee
  • Efficient client management
  • Discounted rate- costs less per check
  • Align cost with use
  • Saves time and Resources
  • Complete audit trail available

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