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Bring your compliance processes up to speed with powerful automation

Explore our compliance and automation solutions

Explore our compliance and automation solutions

You're tasked with managing your organisation's compliance and risk processes.   

Do you need to:

  • Protect your organisation 24/7 from regulatory penalty, bad actors, operational resilience failures, and human error? 
  • Comply fully with AML and KYC regulations on a continuous basis, with alerts straight to your inbox whenever a client risk profile alters? 
  • Conduct scheduled KYC and KYB reviews and perpetual monitoring? 
  • Boost your customers’ satisfaction at vital onboarding and review touchpoints with decision-engineered workflows, and boost employee satisfaction by removing mundane tasks and augmenting productivity? 
  • Gain intelligence on your clients throughout the lifecycle by pattern detection and overview? 
  • Create time and save money via automated compliance efficiencies? 

Learn more about our automated compliance management and monitoring from our experts.

When you choose Veriphy Automation Compliance, you'll unlock:

  • More efficient AML and KYC compliance processes  
  • Security and confidentiality of your data 
  • Quick and seamless integration with our flexible access options  
  • Continuous compliance automation for ongoing monitoring  

What we do

Our compliance automation software includes automated AML and KYC solutions that enable you to gain accurate, current, and reliable information about your customers. 

Data collection and analysis -> Report creation -> Informed actions 

Step 1) Data collection and analysis – When you run any of our compliance automation tools for checks, the information you give is consolidated against a wide range of verification methods and data sources.  

Step 2) Report creation – Once our AML automation and KYC automation solutions have worked their magic, we will return a report with the findings to you within seconds.   

Step 3) Informed actions – With our reports and actionable insights, your team will identify high-risk and high-priority individuals and organisations.  

Similarly, you can utilise the insights reports and suggested actions to cut down your internal costs. Not just by avoiding non-compliance fines, but with staff being able to prioritise other important tasks outside of trying to manually complete compliance checks, you will have more manpower for the tasks that depend on it.   


Ready to get started?

Meet regulatory guidelines with our security compliance automation solutions. We can help keep your costs down and protect your firm from bad actors.  

Learn how our automated compliance management tools can help you  

Our product suites are robust and can help contribute to sustainable business growth, continuous and perpetual AML and KYC compliance, and freedom from risk and non-compliance penalties. 
Our AML auto tools and automated KYC checks  

Within our automated anti-money laundering and KYC solutions, we have:  

  • Biometric checks  
  • PEP and sanctions checks  
  • Source of Funds analysis  
  • Fraud Score   
  • International ID Check  
  • UK Company Report   
  • International Company Report  
  • AML training 
  • Biometric checks  
  • Fraud Score  
  • Combined KYC and Credit Screen  
  • International ID Check  
  • Veriphy 360  
  • Proof of Funds checks  
  • Bank Account Verification  

When you choose Veriphy, both your automated KYC tools and AML auto tools can be added as complete AML or KYC solution suites, or you can conduct the checks you need as standalone ones.   

Cost-effective compliance for you 

We recognise the time, resources, and money businesses are putting into getting compliance right. That’s why we designed our AML and KYC automated solutions—to help you unlock a more efficient way of meeting regulations. 

We can help you to:

  • Verify customer identity 
    Our checks return results almost immediately, meaning you can meet KYC due diligence requirements within as little as 2 seconds.  
  • Maintain compliance 
    Whether you choose to automate one of your checks, or implement a whole solution suite, we can help you to maintain full AML compliance.   
  • Alert you to bad actors 
    Our automated KYC checks highlight customers who may prove a risk or have previously committed financial crime—preventing your business from onboarding these bad actors.  
  • Monitor clients indefinitely 
    When you choose our automated AML processes, you are also choosing ongoing monitoring and protection for your business—it’s a win-win!    
  • Meet due diligence requirements 
    When you use our automated AML and KYC processes, an audit trail will be created. Having this evidence trail serves as proof of your compliance measures and is a crucial component for KYC due diligence.   

Frequently Asked Questions

1What industries can benefit from an automated compliance platform?
From assisting with accountants’ AML automation, legal AML automation, and AML automation for estate agents, we have experience supporting many different types of businesses to adhere to AML legislation.   We have also worked on automating banking compliance and AML processes.
2When is it time to think about automated regulatory compliance?
There’s never a bad time to incorporate an automated compliance management system into your operations. In fact, with benefits such as quicker onboarding and time-to-handle, as well as continuous compliance monitoring, you can rest assured both your internal teams and your customers will be pleased to have things made easier and more efficient.  
3Will incorporating compliance automation solutions mean changing my current system?
The great thing about our compliance automation tools is that they can be seamlessly integrated within your existing systems. This means you can keep all elements of your business’ operations that you are still satisfied with, while benefiting from automated regulatory compliance—including anti money laundering automation processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness of your compliance checks.  
4How does security compliance automation work? 
Our automated compliance services will align with your current needs and your plans for growth. Veriphy’s consultants will advise on the platform, integration and RPA (robotic process automation) solutions that are best fit for a robust, flexible and future-proofed compliance system.


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