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Compliance processes holding you back?

Invite flexibility and efficiency into your compliance checks with our range of compliance automation tools. Implement them into your existing systems for guaranteed continuous compliance automation and monitoring. 

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Adhering to compliance regulations should be at the very top of your priority list. But when you’re relying on old systems or manual checks to meet regulatory requirements, things can slip through the net. These mistakes can be costly in more ways than one, with financial and reputational loss on the line.

And when you add in the impact that tedious compliance processes and systems can have on the customer onboarding experience, you also run the risk of high customer churn. But what if there was a way to solve all these pitfalls?

We have taken multiple, unmatched data and technology providers and blended them into one solutions suite that can do it all. From PEP/Sanctions checks, to AML, Biometric, Credit, Source of Funds, Anti-Fraud, and Fraud Score checks, to UBO verification, plus international KYC and KYB functionalities, our compliance automation tools can help to maintain compliance, conduct continuous checks, and streamline onboarding.

Our compliance automation solutions also leverage the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enable unstructured data and disparate existing compliance processes and deploy monitoring via AI in our Fraud Score checks, to detect possible fraudulent patterns within financial activity.

Learn more about our automated compliance management and monitoring from our experts.

The benefits of our automated compliance management

Redefine and reimagine your compliance processes with our compliance automation solutions. When you choose to implement our customisable compliance automation software, you are investing in continuous compliance automation solutions that will protect you from fraudsters and financial crime past the point of onboarding.

With our automated compliance platform, you can expect:

  • Protection for your business against regulatory breaches and penalties
  • Streamlined customer onboarding experience
  • Maintenance of compliance
  • Management of check progress, alerts, and rechecking with real-time alert functionality for monitored individuals and entities
  • Improved efficiency and speed of processing
  • Improved risk management for compliance remediation and delegation


Ready to get started?

Once our technology consultants receive your enquiry, we’ll reach out for a free, no-obligation 30-minute chat about our security compliance automation tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What industries can benefit from an automated compliance platform?
Under the UK’s anti-money laundering legislation, all regulated entities are legally required to abide to certain AML regulations and to act with due diligence to help fight financial crime. For this reason, we have accumulated clients from all different regulated industries. From assisting with accountants’ AML automation, legal AML automation, and AML automation for estate agents, we have experience supporting many different types of businesses to adhere to AML legislation. We have also worked on automating banking compliance and AML processes. The KYC of banking customers can be automated as well, to help create a more efficient onboarding process!
2When is it time to think about automated regulatory compliance?
There’s never a bad time to incorporate an automated compliance management system into your operations. In fact, with benefits such as quicker onboarding and time-to-handle, as well as continuous compliance monitoring, you can rest assured both your internal teams and your customers will be pleased to have things made easier and more efficient.
3Will incorporating compliance automation solutions mean changing my current system?
The great thing about our compliance automation tools is that they can be seamlessly integrated within your existing systems. This means you can keep all elements of your business’ operations that you are still satisfied with, while benefiting from automated regulatory compliance—including anti money laundering automation processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness of your compliance checks.

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