GDPR Dashboard

Annual Licence cost - £499 + VAT

GDPR Dashboard

GDPR compliance is a headache for SMEs and their DPOs. Slip-ups and shortcomings can be very costly indeed. Veriphy in partnership with DS Compliance is pleased to offer peace of mind through DS Dash, an online compliance platform that gives you the tools to capture and manage the risks and processes associated with data governance and lifecycles for the GDPR, PECR and other new regulatory requirements such as NIST. DS Dash includes communications, straightforward input documents, updates for legislative changes, archives, and templates for relevant documentation. DS Dash gives organisations the ability to assess their GDPR status, detect any gaps, and immediately address shortfalls.
Key features include:

  • Dashboard to manage and guide consultants, DPOs and end users through the GDPR process
  • Diagnostic employee questionnaire to highlight areas for attention
  • Team support without the cost of recruitment or personnel management
  • Archives to meet compliance criteria – these include Privacy Statements, Templates, Audits and more
  • On-demand access to Subject Matter Experts on Privacy and Data Protection
  • Emergency Data Breach support
  • Tagging of data for searches and deletion
  • Cost-efficient, manageable Cyber, Privacy and Data Governance services
  • Protects organisations by strengthening audit capabilities through evidential transparency
  • Cloud based, securely hosted in the UK

Annual Licence cost just £499

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