Award Winning AML Checks - Veriphy

Simple, Safe & Transparent AML Checks

£4 per check + VAT

What Our Award Winning AML Checks cover:

  • Full and edited Electoral Roll current and last 5 years
  • Credit Information
  • Fixed Line and Mobile Telephone data including ex-directory validation
  • Mortality Checks
  • Birth Certificate Check (England and Wales)
  • UK Driving Licence Check
  • UK & International Passport Check
  • NI Number Check
  • Address Redirection Check
  • HMT Sanctions
  • Domestic and Global Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)
  • US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Sanctions

Key Benefits:

  • Standards Compliant - FCA, HMRC and Law Society etc.
  • No setup or licence fee
  • No minimum use - just pay for what you use
  • Easy to use. Instant decision making
  • No need for expensive return of personal documents to customers
  • Equally applicable for face to face or remote customer contact
  • Complete audit trail available
  • Capable of being moulded to your needs
  • PEP and Sanctions matches display full details

Just £4 / AML Check

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