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Driving Licence Check

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Driving Licence Check

If you permit a member of staff to drive on company business without a valid licence, you’re breaking the law.
This means any employee who drives on company business - from the PA who nips out to buy lunch for their boss to the salesperson on a client visit.

  • It is not just a requirement for your vocational drivers.
  • Employers are obliged to check employee licence validity during the recruitment process and regularly thereafter.
  • Whilst there is no legal requirement on frequency of checking it is acknowledged good practice to check at least every year, and more frequently for high risk drivers, for example those with high mileage or who are known to have penalty points accrued.
  • Since the end of the paper counterpart, that means checking the driver’s DVLA record. Relying on inspection of the paper document is a thing of the past.
  • The penalty for prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act could be £20 million.

For £6.00, Veriphy allows you to make that check quickly, simply and efficiently.

It will show status, entitlements, endorsements, restrictions, and Tacho Card and CPC data where applicable. It respects your employees’ data rights by including an easily-managed facility for requesting and allowing ongoing permission.

Veriphy’s Driving Licence Check is available now to all our clients.

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