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PEP & Sanctions Checks & Monitoring

£2+VAT per name

PEP & Sanctions Tracking

Optimise your ongoing due diligence via PEP & Sanction Checks & Monitoring
Automate your PEP & Sanction Checking Screening

As a regulatory business, your due diligence must stretch beyond the initial onboarding stage.

You are required to continually monitor your client-base periodically to check for any changes in status.

This includes reviewing your existing customer-base against the PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) & Sanctions lists in accordance with UK AML regulations.

Mitigate Risk & Stay Compliant
Veriphy will monitor your client base periodically to ensure ongoing compliance with the latest AML regulations.


  • Once a month for a year
  • Once a week for twelve weeks

Only £2+VAT per individual