Remote Hiring – Why Prospective Employee Screening is Essential

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Hiring in the Age of No-Contact

HR, recruitment, and staffing professionals now face a certain reality of remote employee interviewing and onboarding.

Whilst there are a lot of challenges associated with remote hiring, the good news is that there are numerous technological solutions to ease the process.

One such advancement is the ability for remote employee screening. It is even more vital considering the lack of face-to-face communications, to thoroughly check prospective employees’ backgrounds.

“I hired him – then he stole his colleague’s identity."

We have all seen the horror stories of those who skipped the basic principles of verification and who suffered the consequences.

Unfortunately, there will be individuals who will try to exploit the current mandated transition to remote hiring. Tactics such as using forged identity documents are common and without a proper employee screening procedure, these could go unnoticed, slip through the cracks, and cost an organisation both economic and reputational distress.

The Importance of Employee Screening

The Cost of a Bad Hire

There are obvious financial repercussions of a ‘bad hire’ for example the financial burden of re-training, re-interviewing, re-checking ect.

Moreover, ‘bad hires’ once identified are a huge strain not just financially but resource-wise as HR and staffing professionals have to hit the re-do button and start from scratch

The cost of hiring a particularly dangerous individual, however, is financially cataclysmic.

Mitigating Risk and Fraud

According to recent research, recruitment fraud has cost the UK approximately £24 billion a year.

Once inside an organisation, the undetected fraudster can stealthily wreak mayhem. If they can access classified documentation or private and sensitive data, these individuals can pose tangible security and data breach risks.

From a financial and reputational point of view, failing to adequately screen prospective employees and hiring the wrong individual can potentially be catastrophic for not just your business but for your employees and clientele.

Remote Checking

As discussed, employee screening is essential to protecting your business. There are a wide range of background checks available to ensure you know who you are recruiting.

Quick Check Facts

1ID verification
It is best practice to screen identity documents via an electronic identification system. These systems are designed to spot forged documents and can alert the primary user of any suspicions within seconds. Read more about the benefits of electronic verification here.
2Sanction Checks
Sanctions checks involve screening an individual against global sanction databases such as the OFAC, EU, and HMT lists. This will alert organisations if an individual is restricted or prohibited from engaging in business transactions and activities.
3Adverse Media Checks
These checks can involve looking at all kinds of media, both traditional and digital. They are a way to reduce manual searching and alert you to any negative press or adverse public behavior an individual has displayed online.
4Driving licence Checks
Any employee who will be driving during work hours will need to have a driving licence check carried out. This is a requirement to ensure the individual in properly licensed and insured to drive.
5Adverse Financial Checks
Credit screens can screen employees for any past CCJs, IVAs, bankruptcy or court orders in their name. This check can provide you invaluable information if an individual has serious adverse financial history and can prove to be especially useful in making good recruitment decisions, especially for roles that have a lot of economic agency within the business.
6RTW checks
These checks are essential to prevent illegal working in the UK. Failure to carry out these checks can result in severe repercussions for an organisation.
Veriphy is an expert in pre-employment verification. Contact us to find out more about our employee screening checks and ‘build-your-own’ background checking service.

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