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Award-winning Anti-Money Laundering AML Checks

Flexible. Powerful. Compliant.

Safeguard your Business with Online AML Checks:

Regulated entities are obliged by law to have in place adequate AML compliance controls in order to tackle money laundering.

These legal requirements can be overwhelming, especially when deciding how best to protect your organisation from criminal exploitation whilst also not hindering business itself and client-uptake.

Veriphy's electronic AML checks are designed to ensure robust and secure compliance quickly.

We offer JMLSG compliant checks on individuals and entities, employing ER, CRA, mortality, and departure data, with PEP/Sanctions elements monitored or one time only, and options for biometric and document scan checks with liveness detection, together with powerful Source of Funds confirmations and anti-fraud screening. 

Our global sanctions checks cover people, entities, vessels and aircraft. 

With our range you can be assured of anti-money laundering best practice as well as improving your client onboarding.

We can Help you...

Anti-Money Laundering Checks Made Simple

  • Fast

Our portal allows you to enter your client’s name, address and DOB and receive a result and detailed report in less than 3 seconds.

  • Comprehensive

We use a wide range of verification methods and data sources to ensure a comprehensive money laundering check with integral PEP & Sanctions list monitoring.

  • Cost-effective

We deliver top quality AML compliance that allows our users to align costs with usage - charging you only for the checks you need.

  • Award-winning

Our award-winning AML checks are fully compliant with the latest UK anti-money laundering regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How much is Veriphy?

We offer flexible rates based on your businesses needs and budget.

Small number of AML checks to run? Please see our standard pricing list here.

Irrespective of search volumes you will benefit from:

  • Full access to platform functionality and range.
  • 30-day payment terms.
  • No restrictive usage terms.
  • Free support via email or telephone.

Got another question? Please contact us!

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Anti-Money Laundering AML Checks by Veriphy.