Our Law Firm Check comes recommended

AML anti-money laundering checks for Estate Agents
4MLD Guidance for Estate Agents
June 27, 2017
Veriphy - People Company Compliance Security Checks AML Platform
10 Years of People and Company Checks
January 28, 2018

At Veriphy we take security very seriously. We only use the very best suppliers and platforms to run all of our award-winning AML, People, and Company checks.

With the ever increasing number of fraudulent money cases in the UK and around the world, you can never be too careful whilst running your business operations online.

Last month the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Risk Outlook 2017/18 was published; outlining the considerations and vigilant processes companies should go through when sending or receiving funds.

We’re delighted to note that one of our service suppliers, Lawyer Checker, has been specifically named as one of the recommended platforms to verify bank and 3rd party law firm information is correct before sending funds.

We only work with the best, if you require a Law Firm Check or any of our other Company Checks, then you know where to come.

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