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            Our Flexible API Solution for KYC Compliance

            Countering Terrorist Financing (CTF) – Fighting Terrorism through AML Controls
            Countering Terrorist Financing (CTF) – Fighting Terrorism through AML Controls
            February 26, 2020
            Beware of Coronavirus-related Fraud & Money Laundering Schemes
            Beware of Coronavirus-related Fraud & Money Laundering Schemes
            April 22, 2020

            Streamline the Onboarding Journey

            Our Flexible API

            As Anti-Money Laundering and KYC obligations increase, businesses must have in place fully secure and adaptive systems to cope with the ever-evolving regulatory compliance landscape.

            Compliance is often thought of as a hindrance to business operations. When client identification processes are lack-luster & rigid they can become a procedural nightmare – a mundane, long-winded and frustrating chore.

            It doesn’t have to be this way. Full compliance and operational efficiency can be achieved by leveraging existing technology.

            Veriphy’s flexible API solution allows clients to securely access and harness data from various data partners from one platform.

            The result? Customers can be screened against various industry-approved databases in a matter of seconds enabling businesses to make informed risk management decisions. The customer take-on process becomes faster as internal processes are optimized – satisfying the digitally savvy consumer and improving the overall customer experience.

            The Benefits of Integration

            What is an API and what can it do for my business?

            An Application Programming Interface (API) essentially allows the sharing of data between two applications. It facilitates the ‘sharing’ relationship as it acts as a messenger behind the scenes and relays data back and forth between the two systems.

            • Moldable
            • Integrate only the services you need for your AML & KYC processes to your own existing software.

            • Efficiency
            • Use data already entered within, for example a CMS, to run the your desired checks.

            • Optimized onboarding
            • Streamline the client onboarding process via our single API solution. From one place, clients can securely screen clients in a matter of seconds against various data touchpoints.

            • Ongoing compliance
            • Veriphy’s API leverages various data streams to allow clients to gain an accurate & quick assessment of customer risk.

            • Access to best of breed data
            • Our API web service allows integrators to access an array of various & reputable data services offered by multiple third-party suppliers.

            Harness existing AML & KYC software

            Example of Possible Route:

            1. Integrate Veriphy’s API with existing software and workflows

            Integrate Veriphy’s API into your already existing case management system.

            • Implementation of Veriphy’s straightforward API into your existing CMS
            • Client requests check within integrators system
            • Within seconds check result shown within integrators system
            • Check result saved as a pdf locally by client*
            • Veriphy system creates monthly reports of usage by integrator clients
            • Integrator or individual client billed
            *our flexible integration options also include the option for branded reports.
            Explore our API Solution to Best Suit your Needs.

            Using our API documentation (supplied upon request) developers can explore the API, examine the request/responses from the different operations and interact directly with the API, firing off requests.

            Access API Documentation
            • Dominic Gulati
              Loving your company's services! I switched to you from another provider, and what you deliver is much better, and your web interface is so much simpler to use.
              Dominic Gulati
              A K Gulati & Co Solicitors
            • Claire Thornton
              I absolutely love it. I can't believe how easy it is to use and how user friendly it is in its format.
              Claire Thornton
              TLW Solicitors
            • Jon Booth
              The system was extremely easy to set up and we were up and running with it very quickly… It made a refreshing change to be in that position so quickly.
              Jon Booth
              Booth & Co
            • Ross Findlater
              This is very user friendly – brilliant! I wish I’d discovered this at the start of trading.
              Ross Findlater
              Business Tax Solutions Ltd
            • Richard Nevill
              Very clear & simple. Used it, without reading the manual of course, just to give it a try. Excellent service.
              Richard Nevill
              Nevill Stormont & Co
            • Donald Inglis
              I have just used Veriphy for the first time. It is excellent – so much easier than the old non-digital methods.
              Donald Inglis
              Inglis Chartered Accountants